Monday, June 16, 2008

We Kept Dipping our Turbans

The river, in the heat, smoked. Wildlife hid among the roots and in holes burrowed in the cool earth. Even fish swam deeper than usual. The no-add sunscreen we were using was hot in the palm as it more poured than squeezed from it's bottle.

Being on the water seemed like being between the folds of a silver poolside sunscreen. It wasn't but merely 15 minutes before our freshly river dipped cotton shirts dried on our backs or on our heads.That was the first day I had ever experienced heat in a way that gave me concern.

"If we stay on the water our skin will resemble microwavable bacon. Yet, if we beach at the next available spot we could get behind on schedule."
We weren't sure what to do. The main problem other than sun was the supposed lack of beaches suitable for camping we were warned about.
We kept dipping our turbans and paddling under every branch or downed tree.

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